dimanche 6 décembre 2009


Hi everyone,

the blog change is moving !!!
All will happen at: SWISS MADE VFX

Thanks !!!


vendredi 4 décembre 2009

TERMINATOR SALVATION: Raffael Dickreuter's showreel !!!

The DVD and Blu Ray release of TERMINATOR SALVATIONis the occasion to see the Raffael Dickreuter's showreel, he was previz animator on the show at Pixel Liberation Front.

On the pictures that follow you will see the difference between the previz and the final footage.

On the 2nd picture, you can even see the real bikers that served as reference to ILM's animators for the motos-terminators !!!

The showreel is available, here !!!

For info, the Raffael's next project is THE GREEN LANTERN directed by Martin Campbell !!!

mercredi 2 décembre 2009

HorsForm animate La Premiere's TV spot !!!

For some weeks, you can see the new La Premiere's TV spot on TSR.

This superb animation was accomplished by the studio HorsForm in Fribourg.

The looks are based on the press campaign created by François Dulex, HorsForm has reinterpreted them and animated them on After Effects.

Here are some screenshots:

You can see the whole animation, here.

dimanche 29 novembre 2009

Swiss Made VFX in Daily Movies !!!

Swiss Made VFX is on the pages of the Daily Movies December's issue !!!

You can find the magazine anywhere (cinemas, shops, bars, …) for free in the Swiss french part and in PDF format on their website, here.

We are on page 6 !!! With our logo, you won't miss it !!!

Good reading

A big thanks to Daily Movies !!!

vendredi 27 novembre 2009


Hi everyone,

we have a big news to announce to you:
Swiss Made VFX is now an association !!!

The association was founded by Vincent Frei (freelance compositing), David François (senior freelance compositing), Jean Deppierraz (Sapristi Studio) and Miklos Kozary (Elefant Studios), and our goals are:

- The promotion of Swiss artists working in visual effects (website, interviews, forum, news).
- Putting in contact these artists by various annual meetings.
- Creation of a professional directory
- Partnership with festivals (NIFFF, …)

The memberships (per year) are: 20.- CHF for student / 40.- CHF for individual / 80.- CHF for companies.
The membership fee will be used exclusively to maintain and enhance the website and to organize the events.

For any requests of information or membership, please contact us at contact@swissmadevfx.com.

We hope to count you as member of the association

Best regards,

Vincent Frei
President of the association

jeudi 26 novembre 2009

One Year Party: the pictures !!!

A very big thanks to all who come to celebrate the first anniversary of Swiss Made VFX !!!

Here are some pictures:

This weekend, I'll made a big announcement for Swiss Made VFX !!!
For the curious, there is an indication on one of the pictures ;)

Come back this we !!!

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

Le Truc gets an EDI award !!!

A big thanks to the studio Le Truc that has just obtained an EDI award for the visual effects of the Audemars Piguet corporate movie !!!

The movie was directed by Julius Berg and the photography was signed by Hans Meier (who also gets an EDI). All produced by Pointprod.

Le Truc did all the 3D shots for the watches with 3DS Max, the movement was entirely modeled. Boujou was used to track specific shots. And the compositing in 4K was done on Nuke (the shooting was done with RED).

The postproduction time was 2 months.

You can see the movie, here !!!

mardi 17 novembre 2009


4 days left before the party to celebrate the one year of SWISS MADE VFX !!! The place is called Chez Edy and you can find it on the Bärenplatz. You will find all the informations on the website. We are waiting for you there at 4pm this Satursday. I'm looking forward to meet you there !!

mercredi 11 novembre 2009

2012: interview of Goran Pavles

The new end of the world movie of Roland Emmerich, 2012, is just released today.
It's a whole vfx festival which has more than 10 vfx houses implicated and that was necessary to deliver more than 1300 shots !!

Among the studios, there is Double Negative who did the Vatican and the Yellowstone sequences and there is also Uncharted Territory (founded by Volker Engel, a long time collaborator of Roland Emmerich) who did the destruction of Los Angeles and the fly over Las Vegas (almost 400 shots). Scanline VFX did the huge wave submerging the Himalaya.

Here is an interview of Goran Pavles who has worked on the show as TD artist at Uncharted Territory:

- Can you introduce yourself ??
So my name is Goran Pavles. I'm 25 years old, born in Croatia and living in Basel for 18 years or so. Started CG five years ago as a hobbyist. Working as accountant at that time.

- What was your job position on 2012 ??
I was one of the many VFX Artist at Uncharted Territory. You can call it TD Artist. We all did get pretty tricky tasks and enough time to get them look how the supervisors want. So everybody was developing his own little tools and setups.

- On which sequence have you worked on ??
Uncharted Territory did the L.A.-Limousine sequence. From the point where the earthquake starts, up to the point where they arrive at the Santa Monica airport.
Second Sequence was the Vegas one. There I had just a little part to do.

- 2012 is a big massive destruction movie, what was the biggest challenge on it ??
I think the biggest challenge was to fill so much different things into those full CG images, that they do look believable. For us Artists it was kinda "easy", we got a task and had to solve it. I think to manage all those shots, to keep continuity, and match all the elements of each frame to work together is the hardest thing. There are unbelievably many elements in each shot. There were 3 people dedicated just to keep overview of who is doing what, what has he to do next and keep everything updated.

For me personally the challenge was to find a more or less procedural way of working, so I could adapt the simulations to the supervisors wishes. I had this huge ground element that was breaking, and it was not possible to simulate it in one go. At least not in reasonable time. Splitting it up into many smaller simulations, but still keep it work together was kind of a tricky thing.

- Did you have encounter some difficulies and how did you achieved them ??
Hell Yea, Every day!
There are always unexpected things that slowdown your work flow and ask for crazy workarounds. I was lucky that I knew a little scripting. So I could write something that helped me out. We were also a lot of artists coming from different softwares with different experiences. So there was always somebody to ask and who knew how to solve a problem or just had an idea how to workaround it.

- Which softwares did you used ??
We used 3ds Max 2008, Thinking Particles, FumeFx, Final Render and Nuke.

- How long did you work on this show ??
I've been 6 months over there

- What was your best memory ??
I think the whole thing is a great memory. The working climate was really nice. Uncharted is a great company that does not try to save each cent and creates a very nice working atmosphere. Also to see this other world on the other side of this big blue is very interesting. It's one thing to go there for a week and see the interesting tourist parts. But a whole other thing to stay there for a longer time and live there the way Americans do and see the good and bad parts of their system.

- What's your next project ??
No further plans at the moment.

- Thanks a lot for your time !

You can see a long movie clip of the destruction of Los Angeles in HD, here !!!

mardi 3 novembre 2009

KOMPOST: new website !!!

The studio Kompost has just put online his brand new website !!!

With a beautiful layout, you will find all the informations about their works and projects.

You will also find a blog with all the studio's news !